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How are the stripers hitting?

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Fish Farmer:

I'm heading down to the Charlestown area next week. I know a few areas to target via flyrodding. What is the bait situation like, I've heard herring are around. I'm shore bound so I'll be either walking beaches or fishing some backwaters via canoe/foot with fly rod or spin tackle.

Any help appreciated.

Herring always arrive much earlier than the bass.  Id be after the worm hatch if I was down that way.

You should not have an issue getting into schoolies. You may even catch some "keepers". Like Jon said, worm hatch if you are in the salt ponds. If at the breahways or beaches, some small swim baits or parachute rigs will do the trick as will small jigs and spoons. Mackerel are not far behind either. some reports of scup are also around.

Fish Farmer:
Thanks guys!

The worms are all tied schooled on the hatch a couple years ago.

Good luck and have fun. Let us know how you do.


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