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How are the stripers hitting?

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Fish Farmer:
On Friday the 17th I fished Quonnie Pond from mid morning to midday on the outgoing as well as in the afternoon on the incoming. No activity, very few fisherman fishing and the ones I talked to had some success with 2 foot bass at the Charlestown Breachway the day before, but had to work for them.

The next day I fished the top of the high tide(mid morning) through early afternoon at the Charlestown Breachway. I landed one 26" bass on a spoon, biggest bass I've ever landed. That was the only bass I saw landed that day. Many people fishing the breachway and the backwater areas. I even saw some squid in one of the side channels inside the breachway. That evening I tossed some lures off the beach in Misquamicut, there were birds hitting what I think were squid far out for about an hour. I noticed a squid boat out that night and there were several boats fishing this morning there.

I wasn't able to fish my worm spot in the national refuge since they weren't keeping it open past sunset.

Great effort non the less! Thanks for posting!


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