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Mille Lacs resort recommendation


Looking for some friendly advice:  My Dad just turned 80 and would like to go fishing on Mille lacs as we've always heard about the great fishing.  We've never fished it before.  My Dad uses a cane these days and doesn't get around as well as he used to.  I suspect he'll have some trouble getting in & out of my boat and won't do well in rough water.  Am I correct in thinking the waves on the West side of the lake will be a little calmer than other places on the lake? I know it depends on wind direction & speed but aren't the winds up there generally out of the West?
Any chance someone can recommend a place to stay on the West side that won't have a lot of steps with easier walking? 
Thanks in advance!

It looks like no one's posted here since 2017. Not sure a local will answer. I've stayed at Appledoors ( on the east side of the lake. They used a pontoon for there charters then. About 4 years ago. Hope this helps. I's sure if you tell the guides your limitations they will be more that happy to accommodate.


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