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I have never jigged for eyes before.  im wondering what type of jiggs and what type of jigging action.
thanks ;D

Fuzz e grub jigs are by far my most consistent jig.  Day or night river or lake.
Tip it with the live bait of your choice.  Action would depend on the conditions.  Remember its very easy to work a jig too fast but impossible to work it too slow.  Let the fish tell you how they want it presented.  I find a slow steady retrieve with a minnow.  Leech or crawler use a lift drop.  but even that isn't always the best.   1/8 ounce is my go to weight.  But I will use lighter or heavier depending on the depth and conditions.

don't get the cheap imiitation fuzz e grubs because the hooks will straighten very easily.  I've learned that lesson a few times.

                        I believe the most important thing in jigging is your fishing rod. Buy the best you can afford there are allot of good ones out there. I have not looked but there should be a thread on jigging rods. I use several different brands. The one I seem to use most is a Berkley Series one. They are a good rod moderately priced $50 to $80 bucks.

                        Then make sure you make contact with the bottom at first just drag the jig. Jig it just enough to keep it from snagging on the bottom.

                       Walleyechaser is right a Fuzz-e-grub would be a good choice tipped with a minnow.

                      One more thing that I should add is a good fishing line. Try to fish something that does not have a whole lot of stretch. Fireline,spiderwire, power pro, flo. carbon, etc... the list goes on. There should also be a thread on fishing line.

                      I use some of these but the old Trilene XT will work there is nothing wrong with stretch. I have caught plenty of 5 to 10lb eyes on Trilene as long as you feel the bite Wham! Bam! set the hook " it does not cost you a dime to set the hook"

Wavewatcher/Walleyechaser, I grew up in Michigan. Cadillac/Manistee move to Utica, Graduated from UHS in 74. Sold my car for 150 bucks hitchhiked to Wyoming January 75. 

My wife went to Utica High.  She's a bit younger though.
Feeling the walleye's bite is key.  I usually keep the line in my fingertips.  When a walleye bites it it will be no more than a very subtle tick or the line will just go slack.  Very rarely have I had a walleye slam my jig.  I would never feel the bite if I didn't have my line in my fingertips.  Much like when you are trout fishing and hold the line between your thumb and forefinger. 

I use 8lb. Trilene XT for jigging and don't have any problems.  Only because I have so much faith in this line.  All other line I get seems to be garbage. 

I learned saturday to use a stinger if you are getting bit but can't catch.  We caught 9 eyes and only 1 would have been caught without the stinger.

Reel Wet Ride:
I plan on heading out of Monroe this weekend if the wind is right for Erie. Depending on the drift I'll use 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz (or even 3/4oz) jig head in either chartruse or Orange/Yellow or Orange/Chartruse. If the water is really dirty, I'll make my bait as big as possible, Twister tail, rubber worm, 2-3 minnows. If its clear I'll downsize a little, but I've never seen Erie clear this time of year. Fish two rods, one slow, one fast, and keep your bait "pounding" bottom. After you see what they want for the day, match up both your rods.

I'm a fan of the Sensi-thin 8-10lb. 6'6"  to 7' rod. IM-8 or better. You can feel them breath on it. When you do, set the hook.


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