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I poured a bunch of jig heads this fall for steelhead.   If you have a lead pot, put your mold on top of the pot for 10-15 minutes before you use it, and if you are using a do-it mold fill the bottom cavity a bit to warm the mold a little more, this will leave you with ingots that you can just feed back into your melting pot.  Smoking the mold does help a little but it gets to be tedious if you are pouring a lot of jig heads.  Wheel weights now are OK but they contain a lot of tin.  Tin isn't as dense, hence a bit lighter than pure lead.  Best source I've found is old roof pipe boots.  If you know anyone who is a roofer they can get them for you usually for free.  One boot weighs 3-5 pounds and is good soft lead.   Only problem is they are covered with roof tar so its nasty to melt, and lots of slag.  A trick we learned is to put a bit of candle wax in your molten lead, it will flame up quick but it brings most of the slag to the surface and makes it very easy to spoon off.  Also, if you use voodoo jig hooks in size 8 for steelhead jigs, they are made strictly to fit in the do it steelhead jig mold and will not fit in a standard do it round head 1/64 mold.   I found this out the hard way after I made 20-30 jigs all with mohawks lol.  Went on the voodoo website and it shows the distance between the eye and the hook shank is smaller to cut down on the leverage a fish has to straighten the hook

Do yourself a favor and always pour outside, and wear gloves when handling the mold.  If you are interested in painting your jigs too look into pro tec powder paints.  I used some on my last batch of jig heads and it works really well.  Tons of colors, including glow colors and the finish comes out great.  You can bake it on a low heat in an oven (not the one you eat from!!)  To cure and harden the coating and its been very resilient go chipping so far even in the cold

jigging for eyes is very effective and probably the most fun. you can stay on top of the fish easier and usually not have to maneuver the boat a whole bunch.

Look on YouTube ...Prob 100 if not more videos on jig for jigging for walleye in Central New York it's about 95 %
Of my fishing for walleye...bucktails and sonars is the way to go...rougher the water heavier I go...3/8 is my go to size sometimes 5/8oz when fishing rougher shore in a current might go down to 1/8oz


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