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Title: Another Glorious Day... Flint and Upper Fish
Post by: LundProv on Jul 02, 2021, 10:28 AM
Yesterday was incredible.  Yesterday was just a fun, beautiful, full, peaceful, blustery opportunity from start to finish.  Up at 5:00 and off to Flint to see what the lake is offering.  A bit of a chill was in the air and I had to remind myself this was indeed July 1.  A pleasant surprise was running into a friend at the ramp at 5:30 AM.  He was launched and just leaving the ramp area as I was launching at Flint and we both told lies about what we were fishing for and what technique we would try.  We both knew, we are getting a bit lazy and are trollers at heart.  So, launched the Lund and barely got the MinnKota dialed in at 1.2 mph heading down my crappie corridor and as I was putting the first rod in the rod holder, the tip of the rod starts to dance.  OK - geeze - this is why I came but lets be civil about this and let me get out all my rods.  This absolutely stroked my ego as my friend was still within visual field and I made certain to hold the rod nice and high to make certain there was no doubt he knew I had one.  I quickly noticed he was also trolling and before long, we established a pattern of going in opposite direction, back and fourth, with an imaginary center line drawn on the water.  The crappies would not leave the 1/16th oz jig/twister tail alone and it really did not matter what color tail.  So, 51 crappies(yes, I know there is a limit and I did keep my 25, quickly releasing the excess as they were caught) later over the next 90 minutes made me welcome the opportunity to go to the bluegill zone and drag the bottom.  I enjoyed just chilling and sitting back waiting for that little tap tap but no takers.  I have an 85 year old friend who was in the office Tuesday and told me if I ever have some extra panfish and don't feel like cleaning them, he would be happy to take them off my hands.  So, I put the boat back on the trailer and took Gene some fish.  Needless to say, he was ecstatic and bemoaned the fact that he is just not up for getting in the boat anymore.  He promised me he was gonna have a good dinner later that day.  Went home and mowed under a beautiful sky with a refreshing wind and once done, thought I deserved a nap.  Well, never got around to the nap when the friend I had seen earlier in the day at the lake, texted me and asked if I was gonna fish the evening bite.  Actually, I had plenty to do around here but sure - why not.  So, we met in Westville and headed over to Upper Fish lake, south east of LaPorte.  The wind was howling out of the northwest and the flags around the lake were straight horizontal.  I always have extra clothing in the boat and the sweatshirt and windproof parka I had really felt good as the evening came.  From 4-7, we caught essentially nothing but little gills as the wind had its way with us.  As the wind retreated, we started our trolling pattern with our same jigs/twisters from the morning and things started popping.  Holy cow - we caught 7 crappies and 7 gills and these were each about twice the size of what we caught that morning at Flint.  And then the fish came!  I pick up the rod and feel that load/weight and think - man, it must be a bass.  It starts shaking around and bulldogging and now I just want to catch this and see what the heck.  After what seemed like too long, this fish surfaces and it is a very chunky, very tanic/dark walleye.  Of course, I have no net because I am only anticipating panfish and I am thinking what can I use. The five gallon bucket on board, the bait well net I keep in the live well?  Too much thinking...  Just reach down under the belly of this fish and lift it in.  I have fished Upper Fish lake for several years and have caught very small walleyes in the past.  I had heard there are big ones but whatever...  This was not a monster but when your reeling in crappies and gills and then you get a 23" chunky walleye, it gets your attention and makes ya grateful.  Especially when you catch it with a friend that likes to raz you and give you lip about your lack of fishing ability.  I do realize, trolling and catching a walleye has little to do with my skill and everything to do with being in the right place at the right time.  So, a nice ride home and after dropping my friend off, a great opportunity to reflect on just how good we have it.  Friends, all we have to do is stay healthy and remember and praise the source of our blessings... Get out and enjoy...
Title: Re: Another Glorious Day... Flint and Upper Fish
Post by: rivereddy on Jul 02, 2021, 01:13 PM
Sounds like you had what we call a "Canada" day - blue sky, a cooling breeze and fish just trying to get caught.  They remind me
of the good old days in the Quetico.  The only thing missing is a pack of wolves howling as one sits by a pine fire heating water for
some mint tea...

fish on,

Title: Re: Another Glorious Day... Flint and Upper Fish
Post by: RoeBoat on Jul 02, 2021, 06:28 PM
Awesome trip told well!
Title: Re: Another Glorious Day... Flint and Upper Fish
Post by: taxid on Jul 02, 2021, 06:33 PM
Awesome trip told well!

Another fish story!  ;D

Seriously Lundpro glad you had a great day. We all deserve one of those now and then.
Title: Re: Another Glorious Day... Flint and Upper Fish
Post by: Piggyn on Jul 04, 2021, 10:15 AM
They remind me of the good old days in the Quetico.

I've been up there (and the BWCAW) several times on extended wilderness canoeing trips... love it!