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Bookmarking My Favorite Topics?

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When you surf the web and find something of interest you can Bookmark it in a Favorites section. How about something like this for my favorite MyFishFinder topics? (Or is there some way to do this that I just have not figured out yet)?

It would save me a lot of time scrolling down through the various sections, unless that is what I wanted to do at the time.


create a folder in your favorites. when you find a thread you like, save it to your favorites and then drag it into that folder to keep things neat.


We had that on the old software. Not anymore. You can however, and its probably a better way, use your browser bookmarks/favorties feature. If using IE click Favorites>Organize Favorites>Create New Folder Type in MFF for the folder name, then the next time you add a bookmark store the link in the MFF folder you made, give the link a name and you should be all set. If you really want to get organized add more folders within the MFF the folder to keep your links even more organized by topic state or whatever.


Thanks Scott,

Will have to give your suggestion a try. I had copied several posts to an email message then sent it to myself. That way when I open up Outlook Express to check my messages I can go to the folder I set up for Fishing and click on the link to either the MyFishFinder main site (home page) or the specific topic I wanted to check on. The system works well until you want to add another topic link, you have to start a reply, add the info and re-send the message to yourself. Kind of a pain.

Have to see if I can figure out your way . . .

Thanks again for a great site!

Muskie Matt:
Couldn't start a new topic in here so I'll post my ? here. What is the section Child Boards? Doesn't appears kids are using it and now we'll have to check the child boards also. Info is being posted everywhere!~!


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