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Got out a couple times in the boat this month so far. Even though the ice broke up early this spring we got hit with a 3 week cold snap with wind so that delayed my first launch until Apr 10th. Even then it was -7 C in the AM and I had to break a thin skim of ice at the launch.

I got a couple small bluegill and an oos Pike but nothing special, the main goal was to get my almost 30 yr old boat/motor a test run and it passed. As you can see from the sonar the water was a chilly 37.5 F degrees

Next trip on the 17th was much more promising, forecast was low winds and 20 degrees C. I spent a couple hours searching and was starting to get worried until I finally figured out what the Crappie were looking for. Super light jig and crappie tube, black and green. First one  to join me in the boat was this guy, nice 13 incher.

Once I got on them it was fish after fish for an hour or so. Nothing huge just nice eater size crappie. Threw most of them back but kept 5 for dinner

Great day on the water except I forgot my sunscreen and got a bit of a burn. Came home cleaned the fish then turned a potentially healthy meal of fresh fish into a disgusting calorie-laden, yet delicious dish of fried Crappie with Poutine!

Hoping to get out one more time for crappie or bluegill before Turkey season starts here in Ontario next week.


Water Wolf:
Good going jjz, those are some nice looking crappie. :)

Hummm, never had fish and poutine before, but it does look good. ;D



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