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« on: Mar 16, 2004, 10:38 AM »
Chatspace Java Chat

If you're having trouble with the java chat.

Java needs to installed on your pc.
Make sure you have java enabled.
When loading chat page click "yes" for the security warning popup. If you don't answer yes and try to come back in and can't you may need to reboot and try entering the chatroom again.


For those who can't get the java chatspace/pjirc chat to work, try using Mirc

Mirc installation and setup FAQ | IRC Intro | Mirc FAQ | Mirc Home Page MIRC Settings

Under File/Setup/IRC_Servers/Add or Edit server, specify your MFF IRC server like this:
IRC Server:
Port: 6667
Group: MFF

Once connected simply type: /join #iceshanty_com2


MFF chat room basic commands

/nickserv REGISTER password email
Make sure you remember the password you use when registering; you'll need it to make changes to your nickname  later. (Note that case matters!  You must include a valid E-mail address when registering your nickname; NickServ will send a message with an authentication code to this address, which you must use with  the AUTH command to complete your registration. You can prevent your E-mail address from being shown to other users with the SET HIDE command (type /msg NickServ HELP SET HIDE for more information).

/nick new nickname
Changes your nickname to whatever you like.

/join #channel
Makes you join the specified channel or create a new channel.

MFF chat room common commands

/action {action text} Sends the specifed action to the active channel or query window.
/ame {action text} Sends the specifed action to all channels which you are currently on.
/away {away message} Sets you away leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC.
/away A plain away sets you being back.
/beep {number} {delay} Locally beeps 'number' times with 'delay' inbetween the beeps. /channel Pops up the channel central window (only works in a channel).
/clear Clears the entire scrollback buffer of the current window.
/clearall Clears all text in all open windows.
/flood [{numberoflines} {seconds} {pausetime}] Sets a crude flood control method.
/font Activates the font selection dialog.
/help {keyword} Brings up the Basic IRC Commands section in the mIRC help file.
/ignore [on|off|nickname|address] Toggles ignoring of a nick or address or sets it on or off totally.
/invite {nickname} {#channel} Invites another user to a channel.
/join {#channel} Makes you join the specified channel.
/kick {#channel} {nickname} Kicks nickname off a given channel.
/mode {#channel|nickname} [[+|-]modechars [parameters]] Sets channel or user modes.
/msg {nickname} {message} Send a private message to this user without opening a query window.
/names {#channel} Shows the nicks of all people on the given channel.
/nick {new nickname} Changes your nickname to whatever you like.
/notice {nick} {message} Send the specified notice message to the nick.
/notify [on|off|nickname] Toggles notifying you of a nick on IRC or sets it on or off totally.
/part [#channel] [message] Makes you leave the specified channel.
/partall Makes you leave all channels you are on.
/quit [reason] Disconnect you from IRC with the optional byebye message.
/time Tells you the time on the server you use.
/timestamp [on | off] Sets timestamping on or off for all your conversations.
/topic {#channel} {newtopic} Changes the topic for the specified channel.



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