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Picture posting etiquette

No Advertising

No posting of copyrighted materials:
Images/writings you do not own or have the right to use should not be posted. Do not link images from within other websites unless you have permission to do so.

Image Size Height - Width:
Image width should be less than 600 pixels. If your images are larger please resize them to a maximum of 400 pixels.

Image File Size:
For users on a slow modem waiting for huge pictures to load can get annoying. For faster image load speeds convert your images to .jpg and compress them using a jpg compressor to a file size of less than 60KB. You can find online jpg compressors here at these links :

Bio Pics:
The latest version of forum software lets you add your own picture to your bio. The bio pic loads in every post and if the pic files size is to large it can really slow the board down. Bio pics will only be allowed if the are less than 120-pixels_height by 120- pixels_width and are less than 8KB in files size.

Rg's picture posting instructions

How does on post pictures on this board ?

Thanks, Rusty

For some reason I cant post a bio-pic. I have used the link to Rgfixits post but I cant fidn the the box marked " I have my own photo". I have gone over my profile many times but that option is not there! I can pick a stored photo but none of my own, is there a system error or am  I looking in the wrong spot? help

bass junky you need three posts before you can have your own personal post away youre almost there  ;)

thanx for the info, I thought I was going crazy. I had no problems setting up a pic on iceshanty but I waited until I had a lot more posts. thanx again


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