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Re: Picture Posting
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Your photos must be stored online in order to post them.

You can open a free account with, www.myfishingpictures. com, or

The following instructions are for photobucket account members:

To add an Avatar picture to your account...

1st - resize the picture you want to a maximum of 120 x 120 pixels on your computer.
2nd - open up another window to photobucket and upload that photo to your photobucket account.
3rd - Left click on "Direct Link" for that picture (this will copy the photo info)
4th - Open your Iceshanty "profile", then click on "forum profile information" and paste the address to the "I have my own picture" box and check that box. .
5th - Then click on the "change profile" button on the bottom right of that page.
Your avatar should now be displayed in all your posts. You can change your avatar at any time

To post pictures to the site...

1. Upload your pictures to your photobucket account.
2. Resize any pictures you'd like to post to a maximum of 400x600 pixels. Larger pictures distort the forum page and take longer to load. This can be done easily in Photobucket using the "Edit" options.
3. Open your photobucket album and find the photo you want to add. Place your cursor over the picture and a drop down menu will appear. Left click on "IMG Code". (this will copy the photo info)
 4. Go to your post you want to add it to on, right click and "paste" the info.
(if you copy the image code, it already has the "img" tags on the address and no further action is needed.)

For other photo storage sites that don't install the "img" codes onto your photo addresses, you'll have to add them manually.

The "Add BBC tags:" tool bar is at the top of every message dialog below the "Subject" dialog box and the "Message icon". In the lower row, click on the 2nd icon from the left...the "Insert Image" icon(it looks like a small picture).

The command [ img][/img] will appear in your text message.
Paste the address of your picture between the commands like this;
[ img]paste your image location here [ /img]
Be sure not to add any spaces or other characters.

Preview your post to be sure your picture is there and then choose post.
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