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Water Wolf:
Hi burbot anglers,
 I have only caught burbot during the winter months, but was wondering how you might do so during the summer? I know that they go deeper during the summer months but how deep, like the deepest water in the lake or in-between? What do you use to angle for them in the summer? Any info is appreciated thanks. :)


I set-line in about 60 ft of water in summer. The lake I set line in is as deep as 307 ft. I like to get contour maps of the bottom and find a hump that comes up to 40-60 ft and drops down to at least 100ft close by. These spots also make OK jigging spots in winter. My summer burbot seem to be a little smaller on average than on ice. I have some theories but we won't get into that. How deep to go?, probably depends on the depth of lake you are fishing. They also like the cold water and up here in northern BC you don't have to go too deep. I find they are night biters unless you bump them on the head with your rigging in daytime. I use a piece of fresh fish bait for my sets but sometimes I jig with glow in the darks with good results. Good luck in your soft quest;D

Water Wolf:
Thank TGF for all the good info. Good luck to you also this soft water season. :)


WW I've got them off Fox's and Swanston's Pts (2 of the deepest spots for those who don't know) in summer but it's very unusual.  They were small and discolored.  My friend gets the odd tiny one at Pelican Pte but probably not more than 2 or 3 a year and he fishes a lot there.

Water Wolf:
Thanks for the info buzzbomb. I have never really heard of them caught in summer, but like you said they can be a rear catch in our province. But you never know what you will catch when you go fishing. ;D



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