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Just seems natural that this topic should go along with favorite species.

I like to fly fish dry flies and nymphs in small rivers and streams for brookies the most.  Once the water warms up and that turns off in late June, I like to switch over to spin casting and trolling streamer flies from my canoe or belly boat in ponds and lakes for brookies and bows.

I also like to fly fish bass poppers in the lily pads and cat-tails on the surface at that last hour before sunset during the hotest part of August.  The bass usually are very aggressive then and the bite can become quite insane at times! ;D

Fat Boy:
Any kind of topwater bite!  I'm a bass enthusiast.  Mostly fish with jigs, plastics, spinnerbaits, and topwater.  Bout covers it!

Oh, I love to fly fish too for anything that wants to bite!

This thread could go on for ever.  I could post another 50,000 times on it alone, LOL! ;D


top water all the way....

For Smallie's I like tube's & jig's.  I really like any soft plastic's. I hardly ever use plug's anymore.


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