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New Mexico conquered!!!!!!!!!

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So what goes on down here? 

You will recieve your new orders soon from the Manitoba board.

Born and raised there,  Manitoba can have it.  Lots of luck.

Great lands in New Mexico. Last time I went fishing there was in 1966. A group of four headed out to Lake Konch, a 150 mile trip to the nearest lake.  Breathtaking drive, badlands an mountains, quite remote. When we arrived at sundown we had to climb down a rocky cliff like embankment to get to the lake, to make camp. On the way down we found plenty rattlesnake warnings. Well spent the week on those shores and only caught crayfish. I mean we survived on them. Great trip! Don't expect to see a bait shop.  ;D

 Another great NM trip, was a boat trip down the San Juan river. Talking about beautiful. We could stop at many secluded spots and set up camp. Rainbow trout were the game on this trip. Good fishing down threw Apache lands. fun fun  ;)

How big are we talking on the Rainbows? 

It was the largeness of the land, that stands out in my mind. Truly wild and untouched. It kind of gave us insight on how it must of been for the people who call this place home.  8)


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