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I had this picture emailed to me at work with no explanation as to where it came from how big ect. Does anybody out there know the story on this monster. Or am I the only one who has not seen this one. :o :o

I cut and pasted from the shanty..... :)  O.K. I had seen this fish on one of the news services, (CNN or FOXnews?)  This fish is a new state record catfish. 140 lbs. caught in Lake Texoma (on the border of Texas and Oklahoma) This is one of those legendary fish that scuba divers say they see at the bottom of dams that are big enough to eat a person.  They say that catfish this big are well over 100 years old.
Now I know that this photo is suspect to controversy, because it DOES look like a Wells cat from Europe.  It may be someone's sister-in-law? or even a photo of most Ex-wives being held by a couple "bubbas".  Look really close at this fish.  It does have most markings of a Channel Cat, the guys holding "Catzilla" are dressed like Americans, and (if you trust my memory which has been a little foggy at times) the lake looks similar to Texoma which I fished in 1995 or so.   
Still one big fish! -Barleydog

"Catzilla" is a good name for that monster !  ;D

 ;) Caught one about that big in Cayuga Lake this year. Got 149 ice jigs out of it's lips and released it.

pole           homemade
line            6lb.spiderwire
lure            smelly spikes on a teardrop
spud          32 1/2 in. hole
Took three pictures but they didn't turn out.
Only one on the ice that day. ;D Ron

My brother posted this on iceshanty it's is the world record blue catfish out of the same lake this year take a look


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