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Derby Bound
« on: Jun 09, 2014, 05:35 PM »
Test run. The pride of the trip accomplished out weighs the fish brought to the boat this weekend. Which was upwards of 25 lbs worth on my line alone. Drove 800kms, dropped the boat and test fished the lake till dark. Layed in the truck under a canopy wishing it had a moon roof to compliment the crickets and voicetress loons. "This is sureal".  3 hours of sleep is remedied by thick hot black coffee. 3:30 am we sit by the crackling light of the fire waiting for the Loons wake the fish and move in with the boat to say good morning. Miles talks to the birds. Not sure what he said to them with his little grunts and hoots, but one loon in particular was good company all day. Its as if he would dive and swim to the side of our boat just after the wake maybe to catch what we spook off to the side, but in turn I believe he spooked them back over to us. I will give partial credit to that loon for at least 10 fish on the line. He also would tap my line and pop up inbetween our 2 lines. He was a bit of a joker. I would like to say a little something  about my favorite catch. It was a 15" 1.5lb rainbow. Not impressive right!? But that fish will stick in my mind forever. First morning, first run along the honey hole we borrowed from Chuckles. (Nick named the loon). The fish were surfacing and I couldn't help but to cast off the fly while trolling the shore for my spinning real using partner. I cast the olive bugger right on top of a surfacer. Almost bonked him on the tail as he disapeared. Wait wait, he came and gave a flip flop on top of the fly, I pull up for a hook set, miss it but turn the pull into a back cast and landed the fly in the exact same spot. Sure enough this fiesty little guy grabbed it hard. This particular strain of rainbow fight very well. Up to a few minute fights for 1lbers on small hooks and spinning reels. The reason this little guy impressed me so much is a mystery to some. But for me it was so many things. The crisp morning 800kms from home, the sun just kissing the water as a haze fills the skies and steam rising from the water. The quiet scenery of being on the lake before any one soul. And there were 180+ to eventually show later in the day. First fish caught on a morning when mother nature hasn't even quite woke up yet. The color of the fish was brilliant as it danced around the smooth as glass water and the moment happened in what seemed to me as slow motion. As a beginner fly fisher, landing that fish was brilliant. Its easy to feel a tad foolish when learning to cast a line, but when you hear the snap of your line hitting the rod as you cast every inch you intended to, in the exact spot you want to and have the fish take on a fly you tied its a proud moment. See. Favorite fish of the weekend.

We trolled the lake for 16 hours strait. Ok, we jumped off the boat for 15 minutes for a coffee and pit stop. Anyone who wants to get a good shoulder work out and toughen up their hands a bit should get a solar trickle charger for their bateries. That way you can man the boat for as many hours as you darn well please! Largest fish of the derby weighed in at 3lbs 6ozes and came in at exactly 2pm sunday, which is closing time of the derby. Second was 2lbs 13 oz. 17.5". My largest fish was 18". I have no wounds to lick. This was worth the blood sweat and tears. Yup, Imma a gal who missed her daughters very much while away. Congratulations to the derby winners. I am so glad the fellow who won had his daughter with him. She's about the same age as mine and it warmed my heart.  Didn't get many pictures as I was head set on hooking back into the sure thing that got away after what felt like a good 10 minute battle.

My little guy on the fly

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Re: Derby Bound
« Reply #1 on: Jun 09, 2014, 09:26 PM »
Rite on, sounds a lot of fishing time in a lil time... Ive had loons bite the fish before as im reeling them in on my fly rod... They can get pretty aggressive when they are hungry, ive always wondered how many fish one would eat..
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