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Author Topic: 8th Annual CTO Season-Long & State-Wide Ice Fishing Tourney  (Read 18446 times)


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Basically you can fish anywhere in the state all season and enter as many fish as you want for just 10 Bucks!

before the first of the new year and the prizes will total over $1600 bucks, with one grand prize drawing (by chance, so everyone entered gets a shot at another prize) for a $500 Shopping Spree at CTO.

CTO 8th Annual Season-Long & State-Wide Ice Fishing Tournament
December 2014- March 13 2015

RULES & INFO!  Registration at CT Outfitters in person or by phone with a CC
Each fish entry qualifies for grand Prize drawing, unlimited fish entries!
Early registration (by 12/31/2014)
JUST $10 for the whole season!  After Dec 31, 2015/$15
Anglers wishing to enter, measure and weigh a fish must do so at CT Outfitters.
Photos of released fish will be accepted as entries as follows: 3 separate PRINTED images will be required. First image must be of angler holding fish, entire fish must be pictured. Second image must CLEARLY show fish lying next to or on top of tape measure. Third image must CLEARLY show the head or tail of the fish on tape measure. Measurement will be to the tip of the tail and in 1/4″ increments. Photos must be presented in person at CT Outfitters.
Emails containing photos will not be accepted.
Longest fish wins each category.
Ties broken by heaviest fish. Second tie breaker goes to the first fish entered.
Fish released and entered by photo will have ZERO weight entered.  All fish weighed and measured at Connecticut Outfitters in Wethersfield.
All fish must meet the CT size limit.  
*YELLOW PERCH Must be 11″ to be entered.
All fish caught on CT ice by legal Icefishing means.
One Grand Prize entry per fish entered, unlimited entries per person.
Fish must be entered by close of business on Friday, 3-13-15.
Grand Prize drawing will be Saturday, 3-14-15.
All winners will be notified by e-mail.
Valid email address required at registration.

Prize Structure.

$1600 in Prizes!

Including a
$500 Shopping Spree
Grand Prize drawing

every fish entered Qualifies!

4 Categories:
 Perch (11 & up)

Prizes for top 3 fish in each category.

4 first Prizes: $150 Gift Card

4 Second Prizes: $75 Gift Card

4 Third Prizes: 50$ in Pre-Paid Live Bait Cards

Call me with questions and Good Luck!


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