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What rods do you guys like when you downsize for muskies? A lot of what I like to throw is pretty small compared to what a lot of guys use, I usually use like  mepps musky killers, some of the smaller musky mayhem bucktails, and some saltwater swimbaits and magnum rapalas. Basically I don't need the latest and greatest new muskie rod that can handle 2lbs of lure. I'm pretty new to fishing for muskies, and I've realized that I do need a bit beefier rod to handle some of the bigger lures I'm throwing. Also, I prefer to use spinning gear because I'm more comfortable using it, and I already have a reel I'd like to use. I'd like to keep the budget around $150 or less. I've been looking at some heavy action saltwater rods, mainly the St. Croix mojo inshore. It seems big enough to handle what I want for muskies, and I could definitely get some bass and blues on it so I can "kill 2 birds with one stone" so to speak. I figured I'd see if you guys had any suggestions before I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the St. Croix.

Not a musky fisherman but welcome to the site...
Where are you from?


--- Quote from: Raquettedacker on Mar 10, 2015, 04:23 PM ---Not a musky fisherman but welcome to the site...
Where are you from?

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Thanks bud. I'm from New Jersey

My spring/ finesse setup for pike/ tigers are a 7' medium action rod with a Pfleuger president reel. I run 30# suffix 832 down to 20# flouro leader connected with a back to back uni knot. I tie direct to jerk baits, but everything else I use a duo lock.

Early season I would be throwing a 6'' softtail phantom glider, definitely have a couple M&G or Rad Dog spinnerbaits, a nickel/black dbl 8 bucktail, a black/black dbl 8 bucktail, couple different topwaters. Probably a Suick Nitewalker, a pacemaker, and a WTD bait or two.. Baby weagle, or a Doc, or a Lee Lures Fishstick..something like that.. good to go.

In the musky world the trend is long rods.. Getting longer every year. Most serious musky fishermen are going to 9' and 9'6 rods... swear by them. Takes a lot of work out of throwing big baits, easy figure 8'ing, and better handle on fish at boat side.

I like my 8'6 St Croix LT Slingblade paired up with a Revo Toro NACL 60 5.4 reel.. spooled up with 65lb Suffix 832.


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