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im sure with all of us here there are many tricks and tips that could be very useful to each other. one that i use quite often is potato chip products and snacks as a firestarter. forget newspaper light a cheetos on fire and see what happens!you might not want to put them in your childs backpack after.

i use lint from the drier, it works like a charm to start fires

use a pocketknife to shave up some strands off a stick, they catch quick and burn hot, I like to make a little pile. Also if you find dry milkweed pods, they go up in a flash, only need to hit it with a spark. Also steel wool will catch and burn super hot, just bundle it up, light it once then blow on it, add some birch bark (or cheetos and chips ;)) and watch it flame up.  gettin it goin, start with small sticks then build from there, a Teepee shape of sticks is what I like.  I wish I could remember all the stuff I learned at Challenge Wilderness in VT, every kid should go there.

my  best advice for anyone hiking or wilderness camping. get great footwear.. have extra socks in ziplock bags

there is nothing worse than 20 miles of wilderness trail ahead and wet irritated feet  :cursing:

Another great fire starter is that hand sanitizer gel that they sell, the stuff has a ton of alcohol in it, and starts a fire for me every time (as long as i remember the matches or lighter that is ::))  You can get it in little tiny bottles or small pump bottles up to even gallon size jars of the stuff, and its VERY inexpensive.  I always have at least a tiny bottle on me.
Two more tips, kind of basic though, is to always put the entrance of your tent downhill, and also always dig at least a minor trench around the tent to give rain water a place to go.


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