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is IOWA still alive?


Hi there I'm new to this forum but noticed that it hasn't had a post for more than 2 years. Is there anyone from Iowa still fishing? what kind of fishing are you doing? Where are you doing it? (not your secret spot obviously, but Lake or town). Show us your catch.

thanks guys

So for example:

In my case I fish almost all year long mostly in Sand Lake in Marshalltown, Otter Creek in Toledo county, Green Castle in Ferguson County and Red Rock Dam by Pella.

I normally try to strike for panfish and some bass (not so lucky at it) Using plastics or worms.

I normally go fishing in a small boat (2 person max capacity) or in my 12 feet perception kayak (modified for fishing).

My rods are:
* Shakespeare Micro Series 7ft light action rod.
* Frozen Puppy Ice rod (costume made) 48in light action
* Frozen Puppy Ice Rod (costume made) 7 feet light-med action (walleye rod)
* Abu Garcia 6.5  feet baitcaster rod (bass)
* And others but this are the ones I used the most.

Want to go fishing? let me know and lets get it schedule... Ice fishing is coming here soon.

Nice report CC, and welcome aboard!

I would recommend checking out iceshanty for ice reports/partners. This site is usually dead until it warms up.

Also check out the other state boards for more activity, and the search bar will provide a ton of info.


 Welcome and X2 what Zwig said


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