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Mac Attack:
For the upcoming retirement.

Very nice. When my wife gets closer to retirement , I'd like to look into a Class C motorhome.

Mac Attack:
We took it in to a service place to have a LOT of things checked and worked on.  Tires, brakes, suspension, generator, AC units on roof and main motor, belts, hoses, radiator, tranny, rear end, roof, slide outs, furnace, hot water tank, inverter, converter, main motor…….tons of stuff to say the least.
Went there tonight to review things.
Holy crapolla!!

Oh well
It’s only money - right.

Here’s a couple recent pics Donna took of it before we took it in.

Sweet !!! Happy motoring !!!

Mac Attack:
We have a week in mid October reserved at a campground in Olean for a test run.
Then, assuming everything passes the test run, it gets winterized and placed into storage.
Next April we have 2 weeks reserved at a campground down in Florida where we plan to retire next year in the Fall.
The 2 week vacation will be retirement practice.   ;D
We will also probably start looking for our place to buy down there.
The motorhome will give us something to travel the US and CAN in but also and maybe more importantly it will give us something to live in while we home shop.


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