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I'm setting up my boat for trolling and the kicker remote isn't very friendly for trolling. Is anyone using the Itroll for a control, any experience using hunt,  and would like any review of it.

Mac Attack:
I have a Troll Master Pro2 on mine.
This is the 2nd boat I have had it on.
Love it.
The standard remote throtle for a kicker is only good to start the engine and trim it up/down.
Or maybe if you want to run the kicker up at higher speeds, like in an emergency to get back to the dock.
The resolution for dialing in your speed with it for slower trolling speeds sux.

Any of the available kicker speed controls are far better than the standard throttle, and this includes a tiller throttle.
I base this staement on having owned 11 boats with kickers since the late 70's.

Sorry that I cannot comment specifically on the Itroll.

I saw a video on the troll master and I can see why it isn't very good in comparison to the itrolls ability to smoothly increase or decrease speeds. It actually shocked be how different they were. Thanks for your reponse on the trollmaster, but I've decided the itroll is superior and was looking for someone with real time experience. Here's the video I was referring to...


I have the itroll on my rig.. 
I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!
I am not able to fish big waters as mu h as I'd like to so I decided to hold off on adding the hunt mode...
I am not 100% positive  on the number but I believe there is (10 ?) Free hunt mode uses downloaded on the unit.. if you like it just gotta call and ask them for the code to punch in which will unlock the hunt mode features..
For the cost of controls for the kicker motor vs the itroll.. it was a no nrainer for me!!!!!

I ordered the Itroll...


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