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Do I still use the outer seal with the Bearing Buddy?

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Doesn't seem to be enough clearance to hold the Bearing Buddy in place with the outer seal.


The Youtube videos are great but they are all over the place with and without BB's so it's not clear.

Yeah I know it's probably a stupid question but that's me.

None of my trailers have EVER had an outer seal :o :-X :-\


--- Quote from: SLAYERFISH on May 14, 2023, 11:16 AM ---None of my trailers have EVER had an outer seal :o :-X :-\

--- End quote ---

Well I think that answers my question!  :D. It's so obvious now! How could the grease come out into the Bearing Buddy if there is an outer seal in the way! Boy do I feel dumb!

Mac Attack:
Like “My Cousin Vinny”…..

My brothers worked as mechanics.
My father was a mechanic.
His father was a mechanic.
I worked in dad’s garage to help pay for college while I was going.

I have done more wheel bearings than I care to admit to.

Anyway, I have never seen an OUTER wheel bearing seal.  Inner seal, inner bearing, outer bearing, washer, castle nut with cotter pin, and the dust cap.  The bearing buddy replaces the dust cap.

Still had issues getting the grease fitting off the zerk on the Bearing Buddy copycat.  You can't turn the fitting without unscrewing the assembly off the grease gun.Turning has no effect regardless. I think I got what I paid for at $20.00.

And I had no problem tapping in the BB on one side with rubber mallet and board, but the other side I have given up for the time being and popped the dust cover back on.


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