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Where can I launch my boat at Aziscohos Lake?


Hi Group,
     I live in Peru Maine and my Fiancee' lives in Andover and we Boat on Lake Umbagog, Richardson Lake, Mooselookmegantic, Ellis Pond  and Rangeley.
We'd like to get out on Aziscohos Lake, but don't know WHERE the Boat Launch is.
- This Launch is FREE isn't it?
All others above are free.

Can anyone help me with this?



fish wayniac:
Hi, You can launch your boat at Black brook campground . Itís about 1/4 of a mile off Rte 16. I think they charge $5 or 10 .

Hi Fish-Wayniak,

     Thank You for that information about the launch ramp at that campground.
Gee, $5 or $10- to launch huh...
I hope it's $5.00.....

  What do they use to fish at Azis. Lake, bait-wise I'm asking.
Do worms still work?
Which lures do they use, today on our Maine Lakes?

I'm just getting back to Fishing after many years off from it, so I've GOT to ask.

     Have you ever been WAAAY up to Parmachenee Lake?
Does the same dirt road that takes you up to that campground and the eastern side of Aziscohos Lake take you WAAY up to Parmachenee Lake?

  I'm intrigued about going up to that Lake, possibly also.

Thanks for your reply!

Boatnutt - Peru, Maine 04290

You will need a gate key to get into parmachenee and those are not easy to obtain.  As far a fishing Azi sewn smelt or an imitation of that I'm sure worms will work also,  just careful out there lots of underwater hazards.  Also upper end turns to fly fishing only no trolling. Water temps are warming so may need gear to get you down in water a little more. Good luck

The launch is technically free, but you have to park your truck and trailer at the campground and that will cost you a day rate which I believe is $5.


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