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Protecting Cell Phone on the water

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What do you guys do? A few years ago I got one wet and ruined it. For my upcoming trip I will double bag mine in ziplock bags and add a piece of pool noodle for floatation. I tested it in the pool and it definitely floats. Thoughts?

I fish out of a canoe or kayak much of the time.  It takes effort to keep things dry in these craft.
My drivers and fishing license both join my cell phone, (Mr. Flippy)  in a small "OTTER BOX"  It has a good gasket and
and double cammed lock. (My wallet and the rest of its contents are locked in the truck.) I have a second OTTERBOX,
a little larger, which carries essentials - extra knife, compass, firestarting and a small first aid kit. Both boxes, along
with an 8 oz water bottle, fiit into a 2 liter dry bag.  It goes where I

Fish on,


Cell is waterproof but I leave it in the glovebox of the boat.  When I surfcast I had a dry bag for my cell and keys.  (Saltwater in a keyfob for your car is a real bad time). 

When Im on a bigger river it stays in my waders.  Having dropped it twice in the river its better that way.

Mine stays in the car. Donít feel the need to live with it 24/7.

Mac Attack:

--- Quote from: rgfixit on Jun 10, 2023, 02:15 PM ---Mine stays in the car. Donít feel the need to live with it 24/7.

--- End quote ---

Hey Mr. Popular
Probably because you never get any texts or phone calls.

Lots of things a smartphone is useful for out on the water.
GPS, weather and wind reports, radar, music, etc.
I had my lithium battery tied into my phone via bluetooth so I could monitor its rate of discharge.
Lots of apps out there that allow you to use them on your trolling motor, graph, autopilot, etc.

And of course, the big reason to take it with you - safety!!!
You can call for help, people can reach you for whatever.
But if you have it with you, and something bad happens where you cannot operate it, the authorities can ping your phone to locate you.

And if you don't wish to be bothered..........put it in silent mode.......but never turn it off.

Here is what I bought recently for my daughter and Donna for when they go kayaking -


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