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Hey guys.
I'm heading down from Saskatchewan at the end of the month. I have a friend working down there and we'd like to do some fishing. He's talked to a few people about chartering a boat and going after tuna. Just thought I'd see what you guys recommended for a weekend of fishing in your area. Saltwater or fresh, any advice is appreciated. We'll be staying in New Orleans if that narrows it down enough.

Wow, this site is dead. Hope this isn't a sign of what to expect in Louisiana! I'll take any fishing advice anyone has, just looking for how to spend a few days in your state. Thanks in advance.

Well, back from my trip to Louisiana. We drove to Venice early last Sunday morning to meet Captain Larry, from LA Charters. We limited out on Red fish, for a total of 90+ pounds. The first one my friend caught was too big to keep, I'm guessing it was pushing 20-25lbs. We also caught a couple small Gar, some cat fish, and one big Sheep head. Oh, and add to that one blue crab.
We had the restaurant at the marina cook up a few bags of the filleted Redfish. The did an amazing job of it, both grilled with onions and deep fried.
It was a really interesting trip for us Canadians and we had a blast. Cpt Larry is a pro, the way he navigated his boat through the canals and got us on top of the fish. Plus he has a wicked sense of humour so he fit in with out group just fine.
I'll post some picks when I get them on my computer. 

Sounds like you guys had  great time Sas, did you catch any speckled trout?  ;D   Don


Here's a few pictures of what we pulled out of the salt water. Not too bad for a couple Saskatchewan boys. Would love to go back and do it all over again.
Thanks for the help getting the picture thing figured out LT


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