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If you plan on wade fishing in Maryland, please read!


Fat Boy:
On March 22nd, the State of Maryland banned the use of felt soled wading shoes.  For a while, they will issue warnings, but the fines could be steep once they decide to stop.  There's a link in the article on what to use instead.  This pertains to both tidal and non-tidal.  Your state could be please take note if you're planning on purchasing wading shoes. 

Here's a link to the article:

That is great news and a step in the right drection.  Most major manufacturer's have discontinued making the felt-soled wader boots.

Vermont has the same ban, and I've heard from a little birdie that NY will probably enact a similar ban before the end of 2011.

certainly not a bad thing...cleats/studs are WAY better than felt anyway.


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