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Beemoths in the Lousiana?


Are beemoths used for bait in Louisiana, and if you do, do you even call them beemoths? They're the larvae of a moth we use up north primarily for icefishing and bluegill fishing.

Anything sold in your baitstores down your way listed as "spawn?"

The reason I'm asking this is I just read a novel where it's apparent the authors don't know anything about fishing. One of the characters in the book commented he didn't fish for largemouth with beemoths like his friends as he was into plastic baits. LOL The author also listed a bait item that was for sale in a backwater Louisiana bait store as "spawn." As far as I know that's what we use up north for steelhead and salmon but not down south. Unless I'm missing something.


Fortunately the bait and baitstore reference was short and an extremely minor part of the book, but it was disappointing that once again just like in the movies the authors were ignorant about fishing.

I've lived in Louisana all my life (Wyoming transplant now) and fished ever since I was a kid 1950 to present and I've never heard of any such things as spawn and beesmoths. Some hardcore bream fishermen will occasionally kill wasps off a nest and then use the larvae in the nest for bait, but other than that...aaaah, no.  ;)    Don

Sounds like the author is just taking some liberty with a little knowledge he acquired. Moth larva are waxworms and bee larva are spikes. Looks like he just put the two things together and came up with beemoths and used it to describe live grubs verses plastic grubs or "Gulp".  Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.....

Thanks for the responses. Both authors are from big cities and obviously have no clue about fishing let alone in Louisiana.


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