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Author Topic: A Couple Bodies of Water  (Read 135 times)


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A Couple Bodies of Water
« on: Jun 18, 2022, 05:10 PM »
Today, I fished with my younger son in North Adams from about 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

The weather was (and is) cloudy and unseasonably cool (60 degrees).

We began at Fish Pond (a/k/a Windsor Lake) and fished there for about an hour, where we caught a mix of sunfish, perch and rock bass - - but the "sexy" soecies (crappie, rainbows and largemouth) eluded us and (as far as we can tell) most of the others who were fishing there.

So we headed to the North Hoosic, which was noticeably low.

(Although there have been ominous clouds in the sky the past three days, which have made it feel like a deluge would be unleashed any minute, so far the rain has held off)

We started by the entrance to the Natural Marble Bridge State Park, but there was nothing doing there, so we drove downstream to the roll dam, and fished down from there to  below the Eclipse Mill dam.

The action was much better on this lower run, where we landed a bunch of rainbows ranging from 10" (which I think is the smallest I've caught this year) to 16", with the fish spread out from the lower end of the sandbar island below the roll dam, past Old Glory Rock, and beneath the Eclipse Mill dam.


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