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Can any1 tell me why alsop winterkilled?????????


--- Quote from: Fishwhisperer307 on Mar 20, 2011, 12:55 PM ---Can any1 tell me why alsop winterkilled?????????

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The Laramie Fisheries Management Crew is aware of the fish kill at Alsop Lake.  We walked about half of the lake this last Monday and counted over 50 dead fish on the shoreline.  We have not been able to get a boat onto the lake yet due to the wind to assess how many fish might be on the bottom of the lake.  Dead small minnow species were also observed along the shoreline.  Water quality measurements were taken also on Monday and they all appeared normal, so whatever has happened is now over.  We will be sampling the lake soon and this will give us a better idea if this was a partial winterkill or complete winterkill.  We do stock about 5,000 trout annually into Alsop Lake, so 50 dead ones along the shore would not represent a large portion of the population.   In addition, we will be restocking the lake mid-April and this fish will grow quickly.  One reason this event may have happened: The lake was still frozen as of this last Thursday and then opened up very quickly.  Over the winter oxygen in the water that settles to the bottom of the lake can become depleted.  When a lake becomes unfrozen and the wind turns the lake over quickly the anoxic water mixes.  This can cause oxygen levels throughout the lake to potentially drop quickly causing fish to die.  This is just one possislbe cause of this event.  When Alsop Lake maintains a good water level, like it has over the last couple of years, winterkill events like this have been rare, so we hope this was just a one time Perfect Storm of environmental variables coming together.  Again, we will be sampling the lake in a week or so and I will post results for those of you interested. 

Thanks for your concern,


If baitfish are trapped and killed in one drainage area, say drainage area 5, those baitfish CANNOT be used in another drainage area, say drainage area 4, right? ???

Thanks for clarification

Matt R.:
Where can I find data concerning stocking of cat fish in the North Platte from Dave Johnston down stream to the Ne. state line?
Does this section of river get stocked with Catfish, or do they just migrate out of Glendo upstream? Are there any catfish down stream of Glendo?

Thanks so much for your time and input guys! ;D


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