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This thread is meant to serve as a resource for those looking for fishing partners. Feel free to post particulars about yourself (fishing related), or simply invite fellow fishermen on specific upcoming fishing trips you are planning. With enough participation this thread could become a "Go-To" list for those seeking fishing partners with similar interests.

Some suggested particulars you could post about yourself: Geographic location, favorite species, bodies of water generally fished, description of vehicle, boat, etc...

Disclaimer: Use common sense and proper caution when accepting/offering invites to others. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) posting to this thread is prohibited.

*Please use pm's to reply to posts, and modifying posts vs. creating new ones to help keep the thread as clean and organized as possible

Bait, spin and fly fish for everything and am addicted.
If I had to pick a favorite it would be walleyes and lakers.
Trolling for trout and other species are so easy to catch it lacks challenge but fun.

Willing to travel.
No secrets as I don't mind sharing.
Drive a 91 white ford diesel (the $400 fishing rig) and most all of the time in a black cowboy hat.

PM me anytime.

Good Fishin!!!

Hi guys, my name is Kyle and I live in Rock Springs, Wy. I fish every week (almost) from Wed. afternoon until Saturday. This week I am dragging the camper and the little 12 foot boat down to Lost Dog on the Gorge. It's my first trip with the camper so I think it can handle that road into the confluence. Stop by and say hi. I drive a 2011 Black F-150 and i have a white 20' coachmen travel trailer. I will there Wed and I am staying until Sat afternoon. Would like to make some MFF fishing buddies. See ya on the water!    ;D

New to MFF found it through IceShanty, hoping to be able to meet up with some of ya' as time goes on.  Just moved back to Wyoming from Iowa.  Looking to get plugged into the fishing community out here, I enjoy all types of fishing far as I'm concerned it's one of the better sports out there.  Hoping I can help out on here as well.  Thanks again for letting me join the forum.

Hi all MFF members. New to the site and love the information. I'm in the Cheyenne area and can't wait to see/meet any of you on the water. PM me anytime.


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