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LIght tackle planer boards


I have been trolling for trout in a couple clear reservoirs.  I have church tackle mini board and they work pretty well.  Trolling minnow baits like little husky jerks, rebel minnows, and spoons.
I got a pair of Dual fin planers from Bullet Bobbers and gave them a try.  They do not plane out as far as teh church mine boards, but I changed the angle of the rod holders and got them to go out pretty well.  The church boards lay down in the water if you stop-they float, but I have had them foul when I start up again.  They also break, don't ask me how I sat on one, but I did and broke it.
The Dualfin boards float and seem to stay straight better.
The have a big ring on them and the first hook-up I had the board slid all the way down the line-OK, but it slid over the swivel and down to the fish-line broke and I lost lure and fish. Now I use a bigger swivel and a bead above the swivel and ti seems to solve the problem.   
Easier to see small fish on the Dualfins.  They also can change direction.  I don't use that much but they can  plan to either side.
Neither works very well in much more than a light chop, but  if the waves are very big, the trout are not spooked by the boat anyway and I don't use the boards.
Have yet to try them with bigger lures.

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