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The crappie are starting to hit.  Anyone else doing any good?

I have hit priest a couple times with a buddy water is still kinda cold. I have also hit the CDA river to do a little fly fishing and that is starting to get good

Caught a bucket full of Crappie on Twin yesterday, so they are still biting.  Anyone else doing any good?

I fished the back end of Mokins bay/slough on Hayden Lake for pike Sunday afternoon out of my canoe and got a big goose egg.  I was throwing a 5" curl tail grub on a jig head, just prospecting and enjoying a sunny day.  On Monday afternoon I fished a little cove on Fernan Lake and managed to catch a couple of bluegills, one perch (still full of eggs) and one large mouth bass (about 10").  All were caught on a red/white crappie tube tipped with a small pinch of worm about 2' below a small float.  I was just out fishing during my lunch break so I let them all swim.

welcome to MFF baetis_elk, gotta luv the nice warm spring days  :thumbup_smilie:


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