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Caught a few crappie on Upper Twin yesterday...   No one else fishing?   This has been a pretty sad forum this spring.

I could fire a shot and no one would hear it ...

Hey BlueDuck!
I am fairly new to the area, and have some friends with a place up on black lake. They invited us up this weekend, and I was wondering if i should bring my gear up with me. Also, I see that half of the lake falls on tribal land, will I need to get a tribal permit as well as my ID permit? What is a good species to target up there? I saw that there are pike in there, I would love to target them, so my question to you is what are the pike numbers like or are they even a realistic target?
Thanks for the help, and tight lines!!!!!

I have never fished Black Lake but hear its good for crappie, perch and pike.  Im sure its worth a shot.. 

hey everyone just wondering if anyone fishes below the dam over in postfalls


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