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I just got a couple downriggers from a fishing/bar buddy on permanent loan and now I need to get a couple rod setups for them. I'm on a big time budget, and all of the "trolling combos" I've seen in stores are a little pricey for me to start out with. Sure, when I learn a little more how to use them, I'll probably upgrade and buy some quality equipment. But for now, I don't want to waste money on something that I might now stick with.

So whats stopping me from putting any cheap level wind reel in a baitcast rod? Is there anything specific about something dubbed a trolling rod that sets it apart from any other rod?

And I really don't plan on using these setups on any really large fish, so a heavy rod isn't important at all.

cabelas has trolling rod and reel for $50 with free shipping right now. if you already have the rods has okuma trolling reel with levelwind for $30. from what I have seen the deal from cabelas if you need a combo is the best deal. Good luck.

Do you have a link to that deal? The cheapest trolling combo I'm seeing on the website is for $69.98.

Their depthmaster rods are on sale for as little as $19.99. Thats not bad at all if I can find a cheap reel to go along with it.

well ill be damned they must have sold out or gone off sale, I bought one of the combos and just a rod earlier this week. sorry for the false hope on that. but you could always buy just the rod from cabelas then get this reel from walmart also bass pro has a roundbaitcast combo that I think would work you could check it out

I have been on a mad search for cheap rods and reels for trolling and that's about what ive found. good luck

Thanks for the try anyway. It might have been a bargain cave deal that they ran out on. I ended up buying two of the depthmaster rods.

I haven't decided on a reel yet though. Still trying to stay on tight budget, I started to look at these. One of the stores by me has them for $30 apiece. I know they're labeled as baitcasting, but I bought a pair similar to these last year when I was starting out with leadcore and I was very happy with them. They have a relatively large line capacity compared to other baitcasting rods I've seen. I was able to fit eight colors of lead on them.

Anyone have any reason why these wouldn't work? And while we're on the subject, what is the difference between a trolling reel and a baitcasting reel?


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