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 I have a few queastions for you Wy hunters. Is to late to apply for a buck antelope in Wy ? Is an out of state antelope doe still 60 dollars? An last but not least, how succesful are you at getting A buck or doe antelope ? I am looking to go out there this fall. Any info would be a great help......Thanks !!!


You are too late to apply this year unless there are left over tags. Call (307) 777-4600 and you can inquire about left over tags. An any Antelope tag runs $238.00 and you can purchase two doe/fawn tags at $41.00 a piece. If you can shoot straight at ranges out to 300 plus yards, you are pretty much guaranteed an Antelope here in Central Wyoming. I would be happy to help you out in any way possible if you are interested in hunting anywhere around Casper. Here is the link to the Wyoming Game and Fish Hunting Home page.



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