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Spring walleye

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Who else is looking forward to chasing the walleye this spring out of the boat, I figured some stuff out last year on a lake by me and want to see if it stays true each year. Really do not want to stop icefishing for the walleye since I have figured out a bite but kind of looking forward to taking the boat out and catching a few on the long rod, just not looking forward to summer and the high heat.

Me too. Our open water season doesn't open until the 1st Sat. in May, so it will be a while....h2l

I also figured them out last year, anxious to see if it works this year. H2l we will see you and Lindsey on the lake soon. Hope all is well with you and family.


 Walleyes are fun all 4 seasons ,

I just canít wait to get in a boat.. 8)


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