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Mirror carp


I was jigging with an ice Pole, 6 lb test, little rattle bait right under the pontoon. When the fish hit it immediately almost broke the pole and then rose directly to the surface, and then went on 100 yard run. Was down to my mono backing. Eventually after about 15 minutes got it in. Seriously considered just cutting my line but eventually he got tired.  I tried to weigh it but immediately drop the scale into the water. I have a 15 lb anchor and it was much heavier than that. Could be anywhere between 20 to 30 lb.

Thatís a beauty. Sorry about the slimy seat. Glad you released it. Super game fish.

Caught a bunch of commons bet never a mirror. 
Thatís awesome..👍👍

Got one last year carpiní

Canít wait till the water cools down some and I can get back to carp fishing.


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