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Required boating inspections at glendo/keyhole

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I little follow up since my last rant.  :o So in September around the 17th when the docks were pulled at Pactola, SD clusters of mussels were found. So no longer presents but infestation. That is why thing happened so fast, Not so much Knee jerking now. Per GF they don't have the budget or personal to man the check stations 24/7 year around which should be the first point of contact. They have no idea what will happen this winter. Everyone on the higher ups side is talking about what was done. Interesting the GF doesn't have the authority to mandate the closer of boat ramps but the state park does, so that how that got done, as you can see the rest is history for this year. Hopefully there will be some public meeting but who knows.

Everything being said the GF was more that accommodating for the tournament last weekend. We were able to get boats sealed the night before and passed through in the morning then checked out after we left the lake so we could launch in the morning.

Everyone should consider going to the AIS class so you can inspect your own boat and place a seal on it to speed thing up at the check stations. (My two cents!)


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