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does anyone know of anything that will stop the wire on the downriggers from singing? i'm sure someone has came up with a rig to prevent it if they do not sell one. any help would be appreciated.

never tried it but maybe a shock absorber like the ones for tennis raquets...

when you get the ball at the right depth, tie a rubber band around the wire...should work right?  Same idea as the bow string silencer.  its just a theory though, give it a shot, rubber bands are fairly inexpensive.

thanks red, i was thinking along the same lines but didn't want to try it till i heard someone else second it. i know people like to make them sing when trolling for eyes but it seems like it would be something to scare the fish since sound travels better in water.

Agree with Mac. Might be somewhat annoying to the fisherman but, IMO, not the fish.


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