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General Fishing Discussion / Re: Old school Laker fishing
« Last post by Jethro on Today at 11:48 AM »
Yup, once I got downriggers I never fished more than 3 colors on the leadcore. And then my buddy would laugh at me when he was catching at 8 colors on the lead and I couldn't buy a fish on the riggers.
New York / Re: Let's see those fish
« Last post by filetandrelease on Today at 09:01 AM »

 Another successful outing 👍
Indiana / Re: Dry Times
« Last post by Daybreak on Today at 08:02 AM »
I hear you.  I've been watering new trees planted this spring for our little town and the volunteer part seems like it should be a full time gig. The ground away from the water bags is bone dry.  I headed out to check a couple of lakes Saturday and they were down, but not as bad as I thought they might be.  Water was also a little warm for this time of year like I expected it to be. 
New York / Re: Let's see those fish
« Last post by iceman260 on Today at 07:37 AM »
New York / Re: Great Sacandaga 2021
« Last post by iceman260 on Today at 07:32 AM »
Iceman donít give up yet , there is fall eyes and perch fishing still to be done
Fall eyes on Oneida is on my bucket list maybe this year, as for perch I usually wait for ice.

Piscesman it was a good season for you, was nice reading your reports. Maybe we will meet in person next season.

H2l being in the cellar isnít that bad, only way to go is up. You and the terrova were the best improvements to my fishing success for that I thank you. Will keep in touch over the winter.

Beerbelly, Petercos and all who contribute to this post it has been great reading your posts.
I do that same dish, often with a pork roast.
I also add pierogis on the top and let the moisture from the kraut steam them while things are cooking.
Awesome comfort food for sure.
Yours looks great.
I have never added apples.
I have to try that next time.
New York / Re: Let's see those fish
« Last post by Mac Attack on Today at 07:27 AM »
Nice job Dom.
New York / Re: Let's see those fish
« Last post by mcully on Today at 07:22 AM »
Hope you made the eyes pay with a dip in the fry oil! good job
New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by iceman260 on Today at 07:11 AM »
56* and light rain.
Indiana / Dry Times
« Last post by rivereddy on Today at 06:59 AM »
July saw a brief period of good creek wading for smallies, but the absence of rain has caused water levels to crash. The local is
the lowest I've seen it since some time back in the early 80s. One local low head dam is mostly dry with barely a trickle on the
"wet" end. With the current too sluggish to break up the milfoil, the algae is piling up and covering nearly all of the water. We
need rain, bigtime.

fish on,

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