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New York / Re: Inline Weights vs Bottom Bouncers
« Last post by iceman260 on May 30, 2023, 05:59 AM »
The terrova with ipilot is the best upgrade I have ever made, record a track and repeat it or go back to beginning is a great feature. Hands freed up to fish, spotlock is great when on a school, haven't used my anchor in years. Probubly the most significant change to my fishing along with my helix 7 mega si .
New York / Re: Let's see those fish
« Last post by iceman260 on May 30, 2023, 05:39 AM »
Good work guys.
New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by iceman260 on May 30, 2023, 05:27 AM »
52* sunny and calm.
New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by Johnnh on May 30, 2023, 04:58 AM »
38*, Calm with haze from wild fires in Nova Scotia
New York / Re: Let's see those fish
« Last post by greensider on May 30, 2023, 03:53 AM »
A bigger one I got years ago never measured it but that's a 10 inch paper plate it's on

New York / Re: Let's see those fish
« Last post by greensider on May 30, 2023, 03:49 AM »
I already have a couple 10 inch gills mounted or I would have mounted it and yes the gills and crappie were on beds still not spawned out water is 65 so should spawn soon also smallest were on beds as well
Yeah, and that's what I always called them, longears. Some guys down here call them Northerns. You can't really tell much by looking at them easily, but there are subtle differences. DNA research puts these at the newest evolutionary subspecies (maybe a species someday) in the longear sunfish complex (and Northern). IMHO, they're all beautiful. Koaw in the video below discusses the findings of the latest research and shows the various strains of the longear complex. It gets really tough IDing them when ranges overlap or, even tougher, when they hybridize with other species.

I hear ya. Some sunfish species hybridize so easily t can be a challenge even for a biologist. I thought I had it down pat for a summer biologist assistant internship and found out it can be a challenge.

As a fish taxidermist I took in a pumkinseed or pumkinseed hybrid once that would have tied the world record or had a new IGFA category as a pumpkinseed hybrid.

Anyway, one biologist said it was pure pumpkinseed as it keyed out that way, but the ear tab was missing the red. He felt it was just because the fish was very old and it was difficult to see.  Another biologist was sure it was a hybrid but he didn't bother to key it out. In fact he just glanced at it from a distance as he came in late to work. So no record either way.
Massachusetts / Memorial Day Weekend Wrapup
« Last post by bogtrotter on May 29, 2023, 09:03 PM »
Today, for the last day of the long weekend, I travelled down to Chicopee to f.ish the river of that same name.

(Another sunny, warm (80 degree) day.
I arrived around 10:15 AM and fished till about 2:45 PM.

Practically the first thing I saw when i got down to the stream was a great blue heron, which I was able to approach within about 40 feet before it flew off under protest.

The river was down some since the last time I was there, which made wading a bit easier.

There were a few other fishermen on the river, but not many, and they didn't seem to be catching very much, as far as I could see.

Over the course of the four and a half hours that I was there, I caught a dozen (mostly large) sunfish and eight small mouth bass of various sizes (from 4" to 16").

I caught most of the sunfish under the "stepped waterfall" upstream from the Davitt Bridge, and the two largest small mouth a little below the dam (toward the left hand side) upstream from that - - although I did lreel in one sunfish and a good-sized (15") small mouth bass below the trestle about a half mile downstream from the Davitt Bridge.
Indiana / Re: Hurshtown
« Last post by taxid on May 29, 2023, 08:53 PM »
I feel like if there isn't a YouTube channel directly live streaming boat ramps there should be. Id watch it lol.

For sure!
New York / Re: Let's see those fish
« Last post by Mac Attack on May 29, 2023, 08:11 PM »
nice slab
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