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Author Topic: Fiberglass Boat Transom Repair  (Read 3824 times)


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Fiberglass Boat Transom Repair
« on: Jul 18, 2015, 10:03 PM »
Behold... My third boat. Not that I really wanted it, but my mom needed money and my lovely bride thinks it would be great for "family fun". It's a big ole scow, over 19 feet long and 8 feet wide. Think of a pontoon with a low, wide tri-hull under it.


Carbs were full of crud, tilt-trim leaked like a sieve. That's all fixed. Some dope put a bilge pump hose through the transom though, right next to the motor. No sealant, no clamps, just stuck the hose on a fitting. The wood rot has begun, and its looking like a can of worms. I have resolved to cut open the bad spot, replace the wood about twice the size of my fist, and patch it with fiberglass. I don't feel great knowing that there is a heavy Johnson 85 pushing pack there, so I found this stuff.

It says you can bore 1/4 inch holes down into the transom through the top and inject a very watery epoxy that will soak into the wood. the reviews are great and it sounds like a reasonable repair for an iffy transom. The transom isn't rotten, it just has a couple soft spots. The boat isn't worth a massive rebuild, and it's just gonna live at our camp on a 140 acre lake. It isn't going out to sea, and if it fails help is always near.

Has anyone injected epoxy like this? It seems to be a common practice and an accepted "fix". What do you think?


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