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Author Topic: Portable Batteries Suitable for Charging Marine Batteries  (Read 1611 times)


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Boating newbie here curious about the best way to charge my boat that is stored on a dry stack. I have an onboard charger for my deep cycle battery but no a/c power access at storage. It seems my options would be either to remove the battery and take it home to charge it between uses or to charge it with a portable power source while using the boat. I have read about using gas-powered generators to charge it onboard but am curious if there is a lighter and less combustive solutions. With the portable power banks getting more and more power, I notice lately there are batter-operated power stations that claim to be able to charge car/marine batteries. Curious to know what the experienced folks think about using something like this I came across on amazon to charge my boat's batteries.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000

Thanks for any inputs you can spare.


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Re: Portable Batteries Suitable for Charging Marine Batteries
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Is there a source for sunlight?

I use one for my boat trailer winch deep cycle battery and it works great.

This is the one I use -


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