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Title: Review: Curado 50E
Post by: slipperybob on Aug 13, 2010, 12:57 PM
Curado 50E
Low profile bait casting reel
Price: $199.99

First impressions are the sharper line of the reel body and the overall smaller reel body profile. The graphite star drag has a nice touch of a matching paint color but not being made of the aluminum like the other Curado 200E’s was a sign of a lesser quality reel. It’s the same star drag on the Citica 200E. The reel itself when cranked was not as smooth as its bigger siblings either. The levelwind guide was different from other siblings. It is not up next to the levelwind line guide eye but was 180 degrees on the opposite side being like the way on the Chronarch 200D’s, only placed closer to the spool. It may be a spitting image of the Core 50Mg, but the design of it turns out to be a more wobbly and noisy operation. Furthermore there was looseness in the worm gear track that was very obviously felt during free cranking of the reel. A gentle shake of the reel reveal a lot of looseness and internal rattling. There was a considerable amount of handle back play. For being a smaller reel, it’s lacking much in precision tolerances than its bigger siblings.

The reel was spooled up with 6# Gamma Copolymer and mounted on a St. Croix Avid 6’6” medium power crank rod. Casting on this smaller reel was performing extremely well on a ¼ oz bullet weight. The bearings were treated with some Xtreme Reel+ lubricant. Free spool spin time was about 12 seconds compared to the non treated stock bearings of only 6 seconds. The first few casts got me roughly about 25 yards of casting distance. As I tuned the reel in, I was soon casting about 30 yards easily. I did manage a long distance cast of 40 yards. I swapped out the stock bearings for some ABEC 7 bearings treated with some Xtreme Reel+ lubricant as well. I immediately got 30 yards of casting distance. Tweaking the reel for the ¼ oz. bullet weight, I was soon effortlessly getting about 35 yards. I did manage a long distance cast of about 45 yards.

I still couldn’t get over how loosely noisy the reel was so I open up the reel to check to see if there was some loose part. Well everything seems to be in order. I did notice how large the main gear was. I also notice no ribbing support on the handle side plate. I checked the gear teeth tolerance and notice how loosely they meshed, a big time noise contributor there. I also notice how wobbly the anti reverse pawl was as I turned the main drive around. There is no clip to hold it down like on its bigger sibling. It just wasn’t sitting well, but it didn’t pop out of place either. There may be some noise contribution from this part as well. However I mostly notice how wobbly the drive shaft was. This was probably the biggest noise contributor to this reel. I also noticed how wobbly the anti-reverse pawl operated as I turned the main drive. I removed the anti-reverse pawl and put the reel back together but I didn’t notice any less rattling noise in both free cranking and gentle shaking of the reel. I disassemble the reel again and put the anti-reverse pawl back. I added additional grease to the anti-reverse pawl and the main and pinion gear. This helped reduced some noise. I also put some grease in between the reel frame and the cast control bearing to absorb some of the looseness in the spacing. I couldn’t eliminate the gear looseness and rattling noise on free crank. In the end, I held down the levelwind guide and that basically eliminated about most of the rattling noise as I gently shake the reel. A harder shake revealed that perhaps the main gear was the culprit for the other rattling noise, just simply due to weight of gear and looseness of gear mesh.

The reel comes with mixed results. I wouldn’t recommend this reel to a friend. However it’s ability to casts light weight lures is phenomenal and on basically on par with much more expensive reels. Yet final assembly and choice of use of certain components leaves me with a big question of why was some lack of precision parts implemented into the final product.

I would probably not buy this reel again. However due to the specialization of this reel, there isn’t another contender in about the price range. Ideally I feel as if this reel should’ve been price point below the larger Curado 200E’s at $179.99. I think at $149.99 would be on par for it’s out of the box tolerances, unreasonable hopeful yearning. Performance falls short of standard set by the Curado 200E and reminded me too much of the Citica 200E, I guess first run of the mill.

Personal suggested performance desired. The use of a duraluminum gear and clutch would be good for this reel along with a smaller supper stopper and anti-reverse pawl. This would easily shave off additional weight from the reel. There really should’ve been a clip to hold the anti-reverse pawl down. The levelwind guide should’ve been placed under the worm gear like in the Chronarch 200D. The reel should’ve also just come with an aluminum star drag, especially for being a finesse reel. All of this would bring the reel closer to a Chronarch or Core in parts. Just some more unreasonalbe hopeful yearning by me.
Title: Re: Review: Curado 50E
Post by: slipperybob on Jul 01, 2015, 02:32 AM
There is a good thing about writing an original review and coming back years later to do a follow up review on how the gear has held up over the years.  Well between the two reels that I've owned with fairly light uses and mostly ice fishing uses, the one that got used more is significantly smoother now.  That is the one thing that is a bit unique to many of the Shimano reels.  It's that they often gets smoother over uses.

The humming gear feel is still present on free spinning the reel.  However while fishing on the water I don't feel it at all.  Maybe I'm too busy working the lure or too busy pulling in fish.  It is manly used for finesse fishing on open water, catching small largemouth bass and other panfish like bluegills and crappies.  Ice fishing, these reels tame catfish of up to 28" into the six to eight pounds.  Amazing on six pound diameter Gamma High Performance copolymer line and six pound test Excalibur Silverthread copolymer line.  Everything else I've tangled with were smaller than the catfish and these reels made it seems too easy to winch those fishes in.  The walleyes, white bass, and crappies all came in very easy. 

I can't believe it has been practically five years with this reel.  I enjoy doing a free spin check on the spool every now and then.  Still hoping that a cheaper version would come out in the $100 range just for ice fishing.

A 6.9 oz bare reel weight.  Light and might is a good description of it.  Its such a great 1/4 oz popper reel, I sometimes end up casting 1/8 oz lures with it.