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Title: Shimano Bantam MGL and Chronarch MGL
Post by: slipperybob on Jul 07, 2018, 01:52 PM
Shimano Bantam MGL 150XG
price $350

Shimano Chronarch MGL 150XG
price $280

I wasn't really sure what to expect from either of these reel.  Mostly wanted to try the reel due to a few changes that this reel features.  Most of all it was the newer brake system (SVS Infinity) and the micro module gear system.  The brake weights are now only 4 of them which can also be manually turned off, as opposed to the older ones that had six of them on pegs.  I typically only run two brakes on, so I had open my reels and turned two off.  It was very easily done.  Both of these reels also has an external brake adjustment to fine tune.  However I'm not sure if I will have any need for it.  I've got mine set to the minimum.  Typically I am not a fan of external adjustments of brake systems.  Usually when I palm the reel, it's in the way and give's an off feeling.  To my surprise the location of these external adjustments were positioned that my hand doesn't even touch or notice that they're there.  I tried several hand positions and still the same results. 

The Chronarch sports 8+1 ball bearings while the Bantam only has 7+1 bearings.  The current Chronarch dissappointed me with a straight hole line guide.  The prior generations featured a conical shaped line guides.  The Bantam one has the conical shaped line guide that opens up to an oval shape instead of the standard circle.  The gear ratio on both of these models are 8.1 to 1.  There is also a 7.1 to 1 gear ratio for the HG model and standard is 6.2 to 1 gear ratio.  Overall in physical exterior size, the Bantam is smaller yet weighs at 7.8 oz.  The Chronarch weighs in at 6.7 oz.

As of now, both of my reels are spooled up with some Diawa J8 braids.  The Bantam will have 15# braid while the Chronarch will  have #20 braid.  I did some preliminary backyard casting with a 1/4 oz. weight.  I was very surprised at how well both of these reels were able to get in terms of distance easily over 30+ yards on the cast.  The Bantam reel casted very smooth and effortlessly.  The Chronarch was a bit more noisy and overall got less distance.  It was expected since the Chronarch had a heavier braid line.  Still I am impressed at both reels with the ease of casting, as well as the distance achieved.  The Bantam really exemplify during the test run.  Something that most standard low profile reels have a lot of difficulty with lures in the 1/4 oz. weight.  In part the light weight contribution from that MGL (Magnumlite) spool.

The Chronarch also has a slightly longer handle and at first it was a slightly different feel.  I measured it to be roughly 96 mm as opposed to most of the older reels coming in at 84 mm handles.  The Bantam I measured it to be about 90 mm.  Which is still longer than the standard 84 mm handles but I didn't feel it.  The Bantam has the larger handle knobs that is typically found on the Curado line.

Another thing I noticed about the levelwind worm gear is that the Chronarch MGL has a much more aggressive thread pattern.  When compared to one clearance of level wind guide from left to right cycle only two handle turns was needed, so about 4:1 ratio for the full cycle.  The Bantam MGL is just slightly less aggressive thread pattern.  It needed about two and a quarter handle turns to make one clearance of the level wind guide from left to right, about 4.5:1 ratio full cycle.  While I compared these to my old Chronarch 100D7 and Metanium MG7 both were about 7:1 ratio for the levelwind guide full cycle.  Consequently all this means that the Chronarch MGL spool will have the most aggressive cross pattern to line lay on the spool, meaning it should be most braid friendly.

...will update as I get some uses out of these...

Title: Re: Shimano Bantam MGL and Chronarch MGL
Post by: slipperybob on Dec 24, 2018, 06:40 AM
I guess I didn't update this from the light use.  The Bantam MGL was just spectacular from the get go.  Although the reel is heavier in weight, the cranking/winching from the reel feels solid smooth.  I guess if I were to get a cranking type reel, the Bamtam MGL would be an excellent candidate.

The Chronarch MGL sort of grows on me.  The more I use it, the more I like using it.  Due to it's lighter weight, at first I was wary of the noise and feel of the gears.  While I compared it to my old Chronarch 100D, the old reel is more noisy and more vibration feel of gears.  It would make the current Chronarch MGL feel like a huge improvement.  Due to me using the Bantam MGL, it just proves how well refined the Bantam MGL really is.

Due to the longer handles on both of these reels, compared to my other older reels, I felt like I was making huge hand crank motion, especially while using the Chronarch.  However the more use, the more used to it I became. 
Title: Re: Shimano Bantam MGL and Chronarch MGL
Post by: slipperybob on Jun 06, 2019, 08:47 PM
According to Shimano's specs on these reels I should be getting about 34" per handle crank on both the Bantam MGL XG and Chronarch MGL XG version.

Just pulled the reels out of storage and...

I was doing some back yard casting with a 1/4 oz brass bullet weight and was counting my handle cranks back.  On Average the Chronarch MGL was average about 24 handle cranks while the Bantam MGL was averaging 29 handle cranks.  Aside from the difference in line weight 20# braid on the Chronarch MGL and 15# braid on the Bantam MGL, all else were very like same set up.  So in math, I calculate about...

Chronarch MGL @ 24 cranks = 22 yards
Bantam MGL @ 29 cranks = 27 yards

The casting methods was sort of a side arm power pitch.  Well actually all I did was an under roll flick of the wrist.  I have tree foliage above head so a standard overhead cast would not be possible.  Last year there wasn't those branches there.