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Night fishing carp
« on: Jun 30, 2010, 09:01 PM »
I was night fishing for catfish actually, when all of a sudden my bait was just drifting midwater column.  Hmmm, water current?  I reeled up the slack didn't feel sinker on bottom anymore.  I decide to just give it a tug and suddenly I got a hard run.  Fish on!  I thought I had a big catfish that was really running.  I pulled it in close several times and it took off each time.  So I had to set up the big fish trap trick.  I set the net into the water, pulled the fish over it, and lifted the net.  It was in, and was a bit bigger than I had thought.  Now I get out my flashlight and bammm, big carp!   ;D  I guesstimated it about 10 lbs. 
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