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I just got a 5' berkley rod and was wondering what pound test to use for crappie and panfish?  I usually fish from a boat and the crappies i'm after are usually around the 10" range.  I icefish with 2 lb test but don't think i need to go that small...or do I?

I usually use 4# for panfish but will go to 2# if possible.

i find that 4 or 6 is good, 2 seems too light and if youre in the weeds its basically end of story.

5' is pretty short for panfish, but I'd use 4 lb. Watch your knots and terminal tackle connections and you'll be OK!

I prefer 4 but have been using 6 because I tend to troll a little for crappie. holds up little better for weeds.


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