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What Pound Test?

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I use 4lb as well, this year I bought the BPS crappie line in 4lb and it has worked well...I also agree with the above comment about rod size, go longer for gill fishing, you will love the feel of the fight on a 7-9 foot rod

i use 4 on my ultra lite

Unless they are in heavy cover, #4 is my choice. I prefer Trilene XT

5' is a bit short for a rod. :-\

i try to go as small as i can get with my line because i never keep anything. i am a catch and release fisherman so i only test my skills fighting fish with the smallest line possible.i do use different line for differant species. in general though, for the most part i use four pound test and will move up to six if the fish are much bigger.

Use 4lb.  P Line (Floroclear) and am very pleased with it.


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