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last weekend i went fishing in several ponds slightly larger than an average farmpond. i decided to stay away from the typical stuff i would use and go for several freshly bought tiny crankbaits from various companies.
i started out with a yo-zuri snap bean and caught several smaller fish, then i switched to the rebel crickhopper.
i am extremely impressed, in an hour, i caught at least 45 fish anywhere from7" to 8 1/2" with two beasts that were 9 1/2" long and a least 1" thick, and all that was pure muscle, no eggs. this is definately something you guys should look into, these 'gills attack with such ferocity that i thought the first one was a bass! ;D

Next, remove the rear treble hook and put 6'' of light line with a wet fly on the end.  I use itty bitty rapalas for this.

The crankbait grabs their attention and they just cant say no to the fly. As a rule, the bigger gills will grab the fly and not the crank bait! :o

Tiny spoons like kastmasters and tiny inline spinners like BlueFox strobes.

I have been using rebel crickhoppers for years, as well as there bumblebugs, great gill cranks. Im going to try the fly idea, as I also spend alot of time fly fishing for gills, so why not combine the two deadly methods.

To add a Storm Hopper Popper and Scatback lures.


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